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Cheeky was originally a member of The Krazy Gang, introduced in the strip of the same name in IPC's Krazy Comic in October 1976 (he also had a solo strip in Krazy). He was awarded his own title, Cheeky Weekly, in October 1977 (though he also continued to appear in the Krazy Gang series in Krazy and, following that title's cancellation, Whizzer & Chips). The comic was unusual in that Cheeky's adventures (which basically consisted of Cheeky wandering around telling appalling jokes to his large supporting cast, including characters like Gunga Jim, Lily Pop the school crossing lady, the Baker's Boy, the Mechanic (who was always unseen except for his boots poking out from under a car), Farmer Giles and the incontinent Walter Wurx, most of whom were actually introduced his strip in Krazy) basically formed a narrative thread running through each issue, often linking the title's various subsidiary strips together as Cheeky acted as the comic's 'host'. Following the cancellation of Cheeky Weekly in February 1980, Cheeky moved over to Whoopee!, where he continued to appear until 1983.

Cheeky's basic costume never varied, but the colours of his jumper sometimes did in his Krazy Comic appearances, sometimes being blue with black stripes, at other times red with black stripes, and at others red with white stripes. Once he got his own title, the colours remained a uniform red with black stripes, however. Cheeky was habitually accompanied by his pet snail, who briefly became something of a star in his own right when readers were invited to write in with a name for him. No name was ever chosen, however.

Cheeky's adventures were drawn by Frank McDiarmid.

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