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Judge Bachmann

Carolyn Bachmann
Real name
Carolyn Bachmann
Current alias
Judge Bachmann
The Prophetess; Her Majesty
Base of operations
Mega-City One

Unusual features
She wears glasses
Marital status
Academy of Law
Place of birth
First appearance

2000 AD prog 1812


Judge Bachmann, the main villain of the story Trifecta, was appointed head of the Justice Department's Black Ops division by Chief Judge McGruder following the disappearance of Judge Smiley. She served Mega-City One from behind the scenes for years but was secretly building a power base of brainwashed agents and creating a bogus religion which taught that the city itself was a God, in preparation for staging a coup. She conspired with Archmime Turner of the Church of Simpology to brainwash the citizenry while also secretly channelling funds to Overdrive Inc. and its CEO, Enormo Overdrive (her "sleeping partner") in order to finance the secret creation of a floating city in a crater on the Moon.

Meanwhile, she also clashed repeatedly with Judge Dredd, who suspected her of corruption but could not prove it, or prevent her from being appointed to the Mega-City's ruling Council of Five by Chief Judge Hershey. (Hershey gave her the position to "force her into the spotlight" in an attempt to "pin her down.") Finally, Bachmann, Turner and Overdrive began to put Bachmann's ultimate plan into operation: wipe out the Wally Squad, Justice Department's undercover operatives, then overthrow the Judges with her phoney religion before moving Overdrive's floating city into position above Mega-City One, reducing the old city to little more than a dumping ground for those she considered unworthy of a place in her new regime.

Unfortunately for Bachmann, the long-lost Judge Smiley had in fact been in hiding, waiting for just such an attempt as hers to overthrow the Department. He manipulated Judge Dredd and a number of other unwitting agents including Wally Squad Judges Jack Point (alias 'The Simping Detective') and Dirty Frank into positions where they could oppose Bachmann and her cohorts. With Turner dead and Dirty Frank having destroyed Overdrive's floating city after thwarting its attack on MC1, Bachmann found herself confronted by a wounded Dredd, Jack Point, Judge Maitland of the Accounts Department and former Judge Galen DeMarco in Hershey's office, where she had attempted to take Hershey hostage.

Displaying previously unsuspected talents in unarmed combat, Bachmann was actually in the process of overpowering her collective foes when Judge Smiley emerged from his hiding place — a secret room behind the wall of Hershey's office — and shot her dead. Ultimately, for all her guile, Bachmann was still only a gifted amateur compared to her predecessor.

Powers and abilities[]


Skilled in unarmed combat; cunning and manipulative.

Strength level

Human female who gets regular exercise.


Not as clever as she thinks she is.



Accessory pouch containing three heatseeker shells; helmet containing internal visor display (including infra-red) and respirator; uniform made from plasti-steel reinforced material.


Lawmaster bike.


Lawgiver handgun which can fire six types of shell: heatseeker, rubber ricochet, incendiary, armour-piercing, high explosive and standard execution. Also daystick and bootknife.


Bachmann and her partners Turner and Overdrive were named as a deliberate homage to legendary rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Obviously.


Bachmann's distinguishing feature was a ludicrously evil smirk — the sort of facial expression that says, "I am a diabolically cunning mastermind who will stab you in the back as soon as look at you." She even kept it in place when she was promoted to the Council of Five, so it's baffling that she wasn't suspected earlier. After all, Judges aren't known for smiling.


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