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L Miller Captain Marvel
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Captain Marvel Jr (subtitled "The Young Marvelman")


Whiz Comics

Captain Marvel Adventures was a reprint title published by L.Miller & Son from 1949 to 1954 (January). It reprinted the adventures of the American superhero Captain Marvel originally published in the US by Fawcett Publications, until legal action by DC Comics forced Fawcett to cease publishing the character, after which Millers responded to the sudden lack of new reprint material for their most popular books by having Mick Anglo create the character of Marvelman as a replacement (see Marvelman (Comics) for more details). Captain Marvel Adventures was renumbered from issue #1 (Vol. 3) on 19th August 1953, and was subsequently retitled Marvelman with issue #25 on 27th January 1954. Miller's also published a Captain Marvel Jr series from 1945-1954 which was subsequently retitled Young Marvelman from Vol. 3 issue #25 (January 1954), the Captain Marvel Jr character having been replaced by a new British character at the same time as his older counterpart. They also published a rather eccentrically numbered series based on Fawcett's Whiz Comics (also starring the Captain Marvel characters) from 1945-1946 and from 1950-1959, as well as The Marvel Family from 1949-1953 (subsequently retitled Marvelman Family).