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Captain America was a 32 page weekly title published Marvel UK which featured reprinted American stories starring various Marvel characters, most notably (and unsurprisingly) Captain America but also Iron Man, the Defenders and Dazzler. It ran for 59 issues from 25th February 1981 to 1st April 1982. From #21 it incorporated the failed title Marvel Action, gaining Thor and the Fantastic Four in place of the Defenders, and from #37 it incorporated Marvel Super Adventure (gaining Daredevil but losing the other back-ups except for Thor, though Iron Man would later return) and changed to a new format with a glossy cover rather than the original newsprint, and eight colour pages including a centrespread which was sometimes given over to a pull-out poster (the removal of which would generally ruin the comic as the other side of the pages contained part of a story). The first two issues contained free superhero stickers, and #37 a free Captain Britain mask. There was also a 52 page Captain America Summer Special in 1981.


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