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Candida de Torquemada

Real name
Candida de Torquemada
Enemy of Nemesis
Torquemada (husband, occasionally deceased); Pandora (daughter, deceased); Barbarossa (son, deceased)
Base of operations

Marital status
Devoted spouse
Humble member of the proletariat
Place of birth
First appearance



Candida is a character from the 2000 AD strip Nemesis the Warlock. She first met her husband Torquemada when she and her poor family were being shown round a one-room flat in a brand new housing estate designed by him. (His innovations included magnetic suction enabling residents to live on the walls and ceiling as well as the ground.) She caught his eye and soon they were going out together, with a royal wedding quickly following, announced by headlines such as "Candy and Torque: A Galactic Love Affair" and "The Prince and the Prole" (in the News of the Pure). On the day of their wedding Torquemada had a micro-bomb inserted in Candida's head which would detonate if she had sexual contact with anyone but him.

Torquemada then suffered a bizarre teleporter accident which forced his immaterial spirit to possess a succession of host bodies that quickly rotted. When he eventually died Candida was secretly relieved (see quotes). Ten years later, the infant warlock Thoth plucked a version of Torquemada from earlier in his time-line into the present, so that he could be burned to death as an imposter. He trapped him in a time-loop to make him experience the agony of immolation over and over again. Torquemada appealed to Candida for help, offering as proof of his authenticity the facts that she used to call him 'Tom-Tom' and that she had a mole on her shoulder. Candida was (apparently) unconvinced and ordered the 'imposter' to be taken away and burnt (again).

Candida wanted her son Barbarossa to become the eventual ruler of Termight, so when Nemesis killed him and his sister Pandora (along with 198 other school children) she was grief-stricken and furious. Then Nemesis turned up and persuaded her to help him rescue Torquemada in order to lure Thoth out of hiding. Thoth escaped into the Time Wastes, so Candida and Torquemada went on a mission with Nemesis, Purity Brown and the ABC Warriors to find him. They ended up on Earth ten thousand million years in the future, when humanity had been extinct for millions of years, watching the sun, a red giant, set over a red sea.

Returning from the peace at the end of the world to Termight was too much for Candida's frail psyche, already grievously wounded by the shock of losing her children. She lost her sanity and was confined to a lunatic asylum. Torquemada decided to divorce and remarry: "But it wouldn't be the same. Nothing would be the same again. He'd destroyed the one person he'd ever loved."

Powers and abilities[]


Scheming and strong-willed.

Strength level

Healthy human female.


Precarious sanity.


Candida's name means "white," which is fitting for a society with an obsession with 'purity'.


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