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Buzz was a weekly humour anthology in the same oversized format as Beezer and Topper, published by D.C. Thomson from 20th January 1973 to 4th January 1975 (103 issues in total) when it was merged with Topper. Strips featured included:

  • Big Fat Flo
  • Billy the Kidder
  • The Buzzies and the Fuzzies
  • Calamity Kate
  • Cookie
  • Fred the Flop
  • Jimmy Jinx (and What he Thinks)
  • Nero and Zero
  • Nobby
  • The Rooky Racers
  • Sammy's Scribbles
  • Spookum Skool
  • Top Tec
  • The Twitz of the Ritz
  • Uncle Dan the Medicine Man
  • Wig and Wam
  • Wilie the Wizard

Some of Buzz's strips ended up in the pages of Cracker.