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Deaths Head
Astonishing Spider-Man Vol 2 36

Bryan Hitch is a comics artist who was born on April 22nd 1970 and is not yet dead. His career began at Marvel UK in 1987, when he was just 17 — he drew strips for titles such as Action Force, Transformers, Dark Angel, Doctor Who Magazine, Dragon's Claws and Death's Head. Hitch then moved into American comics with work for Marvel UK's parent company and their rivals DC Comics, Wildstorm, Image and Valiant on characters and titles such as The Authority, The Ultimates, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Stormwatch, Fantastic Four and JLA. In 2005, he was hired by the BBC as a concept consultant for the revived version of Doctor Who, co-designing the new look TARDIS set used by new Doctor Christopher Eccleston and later David Tennant, and he has contributed concept art to numerous other TV and film projects. He continues to work in comics.

Hitch was one of a number of comics professionals namechecked in an episode of TV crime drama New Tricks (another being Simon Bisley). His on-screen alter ego, however, was a spy, not an artist.