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Brian Bolland (born 26th March 1951) is a comic artist best known in Britain for his work on 2000 AD strips including Judge Dredd and Walter the Wobot, in particular on classic storylines such as The Cursed Earth, The Day the Law Died, The Judge Child Quest and Block Mania. Fans are indebted to Bolland for the creation of popular characters Judge Death, the rest of the Dark Judges, Judge Anderson and Judge Hershey. He drew new covers for the Eagle Comics reprint line featuring 2000 AD characters, and worked on 2000 AD reprint volumes from Titan Books.

In addition to his 2000 AD work, Bolland drew strips for House of Hammer amongst others (a couple of his horror strips were eventually reprinted in the US in Brian Bolland's Black Book}, as well as the African superhero title Powerman, which was some of his earliest professional work, predating 2000 AD (around the same time, he drew a few strips for DC Thomson). He has also done a considerable amount of advertising work {including ads in various British comics for the Star Wars action figure line in the late 1970's and early 1980's), and created the whimsical strip The Actress and the Bishop, which eventually appeared in the anthology title A1.

Bolland was one of the first British artists to be recruited by America's DC Comics in the early days of what became known as "the British Invasion", which revolutionised the industry in the 1980s. One of his earliest works for DC was a section of the landmark Justice League of America #200 in 1982, though he is better remembered for his one and only monthly title, the twelve issue limited series Camelot 3000, DC's first ever "maxi-series". He also drew the Batman one-shot The Killing Joke, written by Alan Moore, and a Judge Dredd/Batman team-up, also by Moore. In recent years, he has concentrated mainly on providing cover art, most of it for DC Comics, though he does still occasionally draw interior art if the project interests him. 


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