Real name
Jack Barron
Current alias

First appearance

Action Vol 1 1 (14th Feb 1976)


Jack "Blackjack" Barron was a professional boxer (he was called Blackjack because he was black and his name was Jack. Hey, it was the 1970's). He was also slowly going blind. Pathos, thy name is Blackjack! Supposedly, he'd taken a blow to the head which had dislodged a bone fragment which was pressing into his optic nerve, meaning that if he continued to fight, he'd be blind within a year; this is, of course, not actually possible, but what the hell. Despite the sheer stupidity of this, Jack decides to continue fighting until he's won the world title for the fans, knowing full well he's going to permanently blind himself. Eventually, having gone temporarily blind several times while fighting (a result of repeated punches to the head), Jack loses his sight permanently after winning the title.

Jack subsequently moved to New York and learned of a surgeon who might be able to help him see again. Unfortunately, he was now broke and in any case, the surgeon was seriously injured in a car crash. Trying to raise funds, Jack learned martial arts, got a recording contract, went on the run after being accused of murder and even became a crime fighter! His name cleared and the surgeon recovered and back in business, Jack seemed set for a recovery himself, but when last seen was planning to get back into the ring again. Some people never learn.

Powers and abilities


Hitting people.


Blindness; terminal stupidity.


A number of Blackjack's opponents were named after comics creators; he was originally injured while fighting Irish heavyweight Tom Tully.


Other creators to work on the strip included Josep Gual, Gustavo Trigo and Chris Lowder.


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