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Batman . Judge Dredd: Judgement on Gotham #2

Appearing in "Judgement on Gotham"[]

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Gotham City PD
  • Benny (Scarecrow's henchman; dies)
  • Living Death (a heavy metal band)



  • Dredd's Lawgiver pistol


  • Dredd's Lawmaster bike

Synopsis for "Judgement on Gotham"[]

Judge Death arrives in Gotham City having stolen a Dimension Jump device from Justice Department in Mega-City One with the aid of Mean Angel, whom he has predictably betrayed and abandoned. He begins murdering people and is challenged by Batman, who is accidentally transported to the Mega-City, where he clashes first with the Mean Machine and then with Judge Dredd, who sentences the vigilante to twenty years. Liberated from Justice Department by Judge Anderson and pursued by Dredd, Batman returns to Gotham where the two Judges and the Bat reluctantly team up against Death, Mean, and Death's new ally, Batman's old foe the Scarecrow. With Death safely contained within Anderson's mind, Scarecrow incapacitated and Mean defeated, Anderson manages to talk a grudging Dredd out of rearresting Batman, and the Judges return home with their prisoners.


This was the first of several Batman/Dredd team-ups published jointly by Fleetway (in the UK) and DC Comics (in the US). See also Judge Dredd (DC Comics).


Released in 1991, simultaneously in the UK as a magazine size publication and in America as a card covered US format graphic novel.

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