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Sporting Lordship

His Sporting Lordship


2000 AD cover featuring Krong

Barrie Mitchell is a comics artist active since the 1960s whose numerous credits include work for publishers including D.C. Thomson (on girls' titles such as Bunty, Mandy and Diana, including The Four Marys for Bunty, as well as some work for humour title Sparky and war title Victor). For Odhams he worked on Pow!, Wham! and Smash! (including His Sporting Lordship for Smash!).

For IPC he worked for Lion, Scorcher, Score 'n' Roar, Bullet, Action, Roy of the Rovers, Battle Picture Weekly (for which he drew The Eagle) and Tornado (for which he drew The Lawless Touch).

He also drew Judge Dredd and M.A.C.H. One for 2000 AD, and Doctor Who for Doctor Who Magazine (published by Marvel UK).

He also co-created Marvel UK's original graphic novel Doctor Who: The Age of Chaos with Colin Baker and John M. Burns, and drew Knight Rider, Streethawk, The A-Team and Worzel Gummidge for Look-In, as well as working on Captain Scarlet in TV Century 21.

Barrie Mitchell particularly specialised in football stories, including Twisty and Look Out for Lefty, and from 1989 to 1990 drew Scorer for the Daily Mirror.