Atavar is a comic strip by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson which was published in 2000 AD and later collected as a trade paperback (pictured). In the words of Tharg: "The Kalen, an ancient alien race, are being annihilated. A machine intelligence, known as the UOS, is devastating their galaxy, assimilating entire planets, devastating billions of lives... and the Kalen believe that humans created it, long ago — before their race vanished.

But the Kalen have a plan. They will create a human from what DNA they have been able to locate, and he will be their salvation — he will be the Atavar!"

Atavar appeared in progs 1281 to 1288 (2002). Atavar II appeared in progs 1329 to 1335 (2003), and Atavar III appeared in progs 1443 to 1449 (2005).

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