King Arthur

Arthur Pendragon
Real name
Arthur Pendragon
Current alias
King Arthur
Uther Pendragon (father, deceased); Sir Kay (foster brother); Morgana Le Fay (half sister); Mordred (alleged son); Guinevere (wife)

Marital status
First appearance


Arthur Pendragon, son of Uther, was the legendary King of England who founded the Knights of the Round Table at Camelot in the sixth century, advised by the wizard Merlyn. It is said that he will rise again in England's darkest hour (presumably, he's not all that bothered about Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland).

Several sometimes contradictory accounts of Arthur's life have been given over the years, although the discrepancies are almost certainly a result of Arthur having manifested differently in different parts of the multiverse. One version of Arthur Pendragon appears (and is killed by Mordred) in the chronicles of Sláine MacRoth; a seemingly different Arthur was encountered by the wandering Time Lord known as the Doctor in a possible future.

On Earth-616, Arthur's body was found and restored to life by the Black Knight and Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) in order to help save Otherworld from the forces of Necromon. In short, for a bloke who's been dead for fifteen hundred years, Arthur keeps himself busy.

Powers and abilities


Extreme chivalry.



The sword Excalibur.


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