The Ponds

Amy and Rory (Doctor Who)
Real name
Amelia Jessica Pond and Rory Arthur Williams
Current alias
The Ponds
(Rory) the Last Centurion; Rory the Roman; Mr Pond; Captain Williams (Amy) Pond; Amelia Williams
Friends of The Doctor
River Song (daughter); The Doctor (son-in-law); Anthony Brian Williams (son); Brian Williams (Rory's father); Augustus and Tabetha Pond (Amy's parents); Sharon (Amy's aunt)
Base of operations
The past

Unusual features
Their daughter
Marital status
Writer (Amy); model (Amy); nurse (Rory); centurion (Rory); security guard (Rory)
Normal human births
First appearance


Amelia Jessica Pond was born in Scotland but raised in the English village of Leadworth, where she grew up with her friends Rory Williams and Mels. Amy and Rory eventually became a couple, but their blossoming romance was disrupted by Amy's meeting the wandering time traveller known as The Doctor, by the disruptive presence of Mels, and by the gradual breakdown of reality due to a series of cracks in the fabric of the universe. These cracks temporarily erased huge chunks of Amy's life, including the almost permanently bewildered Rory (who was killed but then rather fortunately resurrected as an Auton in the form of a Roman centurion who waited for 1,894 years outside a box in order to keep Amy safe).

Once the Doctor had sealed up the cracks, Amy and Rory got married and began travelling with him as a couple. Along the way they had a baby, misplaced it, and discovered that the middle-aged time-travelling nymphomaniac psychopath Professor River Song, supposedly the Doctor's wife, was in fact both their childhood friend Mels and their lost daughter Melody grown to adulthood. (Then she was killed by Hitler, and then she tried to murder the Doctor.)

Eventually, Amy and Rory were both zapped back in time by The Weeping Angels and forced to live a quiet life hiding from history, which under the circumstances may have come as something of a relief.

Powers and abilities


When he was an Auton, Rory had enhanced hearing.


Coping. Also, Amy can pick locks with a hairpin and is a decent artist. Rory is a trained nurse.

Strength level

Each other.


Each other.



Hairpin and compact mirror (Amy); miniature torch and med-pack (Rory); smartphones (both).


(Formerly) the TARDIS.


Rory has been known to use a broomstick, a Roman sword and an Auton gun (but not at the same time); Amy has briefly wielded a Silurian saucer gun, a cutlass and a stun gun.



  • A mini episode of Doctor Who that never left the drawing board explains how Amy and Rory adopted a son, Anthony Brian Williams, after they were marooned in the past. Anthony is shown meeting his grandfather, Rory's father, in twenty-first-century Britain, and delivering a letter in which Rory explains the couple's fate.
  • When Amy and Rory are having a special cosy time together they like to dress as a policewoman and a Roman centurion. (But not for long.)


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