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Peter Hunter
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Peter Hunter became a champion of the mystical entity known as the Green Knight during World War I, when the Knight bonded the Pendragon spirit of Herne the Hunter to him and turned him into the superhero called Albion. He fought the agents of the demonic Bane on the Green Knight's behalf for decades but eventually retired and became a history teacher, apparently giving up his connection to the Pendragon power (though it still greatly retarded his physical ageing, meaning that he remained fitter and more vigorous than a normal man of his age and appeared to be in his sixties at most). He returned to active duty as Albion in order to lead the Knights of Pendragon when the Bane made another concerted effort against the world, and was immediately restored to youth and full vitality. His activities since the Knights of Pendragon disbanded are unknown, though he spent some time in another dimension and later briefly joined the Dark Guard. He did return to action at least once several years later, during the Revolutionary War incident.

Powers and abilities


Flight; energy projection.


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