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Albion was a six-issue limited series by Leah Moore and John Reppion (writers), Alan Moore (plot) and Shane Oakley (art) with cover art by Dave Gibbons. It was published in the United States between 2005 and 2006 by Wildstorm, an imprint of DC Comics, but the plot actually revolved around a host of old British comics characters from the past, the majority of them formerly published by IPC or Fleetway, and what had happened to them since their adventures ended. Supposedly, these characters had all been real, the comics being fictionalised accounts of their lives authorised by the government, and they had eventually been rounded up by the government (using the services of the Spider, whom the government subsequently betrayed and imprisoned) and either killed or locked up in the castle fortress once owned by the now comatose Cursitor Doom. The prisoners, including the Steel Claw, Tim Kelly, Faceache, Captain Hurricane, the Legend Testers and Grimly Feendish, were eventually freed during a break-out orchestrated by Bad Penny, Charlie Peace, Robot Archie and Danny Doom, despite the best efforts of the authorities (including American agent Zip Nolan) and escaped to parts unknown, with the Spider taking control of the giant robot ape Mytek the Mighty after killing its former controller, Gogra. The series ended with the Steel Claw breaking into the Prime Minister's bedroom in order to reclaim Tim Kelly's amulet of invulnerability, the Eye of Zoltec, for him (the Eye having been used for protection by successive Prime Ministers since Margaret Thatcher used it to survive the Brighton bombing in the 1980s). The final scene showed a terrified Tony Blair pleading to be allowed to keep the eye, only for the disembodied, floating Claw to tell him "talk to the hand"...

  • A collected edition of the series was published in 2007, which also contained reprints of some original British strips featuring former IPC characters including Janus Stark.
  • Wildstorm followed this series up with two more, starring Battler Britton and Thunderbolt Jaxon.

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