Alan McKenzie
Alan McKenzie (alias script droid Mac-2), whose website can be found here, wore the mantle of Tharg in 1994 when he served as the editor of 2000 AD. (Then Tharg found out and made him give it back.) He started his comics career working at Portman Distribution on licensed Marvel reprints including Castle of Horror and Tales of Terror, then moved to Marvel UK, for whom he edited the Starburst, Cinema, Marvel Super-Heroes, Savage Action and Doctor Who Monthly magazines, amongst others, before leaving them in 1985 to write comic strips for Doctor Who Monthly instead (earlier, he'd also written several Night Raven text stories under the pseudonym Maxwell Stockbridge, which was also used at times by other writers including Alan Moore).

McKenzie joined 2000 AD in 1987 and worked on many series for them, including episodes of Tharg's Future Shocks (in common with every other British comics artist/writer around in the 1980s), The Journal of Luke Kirby, Moonrunners (which he co-created), Bradley, Mean Arena, Vector 13, Universal Soldier, Brigand Doom, Tales from Beyond Science, R.A.M. Raiders and Chopper. He has also written three non-fiction books. His noms de plume include Sonny Steelgrave and Sydney Falco, and it's strongly suspected that he was actually the individual behind 2000 AD's supposedly glamorous female record reviewer, Roxilla (McKenzie's other passion in life being dance music).