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Action Man (Panini)

Action Man was a British comic published by Panini UK based on the popular, long-running line of toys. It lasted for a total of 138 issues between 1996 (when it was launched as part of Panini's licensed Marvel UK line, the original Marvel UK having previously published Action Force) and 18th January 2006. The comic, originally published monthly and later every three weeks, centred around the adventures of military superhero Action Man and his ongoing battles with his arch foe Dr. X and his Council of Doom. The title, whose final editor was Ed Caruana, was eventually cancelled and replaced by Action Man A.T.O.M, a series about a group of teenage adventures, based on the A.T.O.M toy line which had replaced Hasbro's Action Man toy range.

Other publishers[]

Additionally, Action Man Annuals based on the original Action Man toy line were published by Fleetway from 1979-1985 and an Action Man Annual based on the revived line was published by Pedigree in 1995 (dated 1996).

A previous Action Man comic was published by Tower Comics in 1995.

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